Valentine’s day in Amsterdam

VALENTINE’S DAY IN AMSTERDAM This year, as a gift for Saint Valentine’s day, give a priceless emotion to those you love. Book a Saint Valentine’s Photo Shoot in Amsterdam with your Partner, for an unforgettable feeling that will remain with you forever. Celebrate your happy moments spent together in this lovely city, Amsterdam. Valentine’s Day […]

What is a personal branding photo shooting?

personal branding photo shoot - brand designer

What is personal branding photo shooting? It’s what brings your business into focus, telling people what you do and why you do it so well. It’s what helps you make your customers fall in love with your brand and get noticed and chosen for just who you are.    If you are a professional or […]

Welcome to my BLOG #mysmallbigworld… Finally Online!

Welcome to my BLOG #mysmallbigworlD… Finally Online! Hello and Welcome, I’m Veronica, born in 1985, Italian, and many know me as #mysmallbigworld on Instagram @veronicasorace. After months of work, I can finally say it, or rather scream it… I’m ONLINE! Welcome to my blog #mysmallbigworld. Hong Kong And you will ask me… was there really […]

Expat: my experience and my 3 tips for leaving.

EXPAT: MY EXPERIENCE AND MY 3 TIPS TO LEAVE   It was exactly the end of April 2019, and until a few months before I knew very little about the meaning of the word EXPAT, and I had never thought about the possibility that I could become one myself. But as I said in the […]

My first 5 months here in Amsterdam as EXPAT

MY FIRST 5 MONTHS IN AMSTERDAM AS EXPAT   Since we moved here, last Christmas 2019, the question I am asked most often is: so how is live in the Dutch capital? What do you recommend to see when we can travel? Tramonto ad Amsterdam But we are still in the middle of a worldwide […]