Welcome to my BLOG #mysmallbigworld… Finally Online!

Welcome to my BLOG #mysmallbigworlD… Finally Online! Hello and Welcome, I’m Veronica, born in 1985, Italian, and many know me as #mysmallbigworld on Instagram @veronicasorace. After months of work, I can finally say it, or rather scream it… I’m ONLINE! Welcome to my blog #mysmallbigworld. Hong Kong And you will ask me… was there really […]

Expat: my experience and my 3 tips for leaving.

EXPAT: MY EXPERIENCE AND MY 3 TIPS TO LEAVE   It was exactly the end of April 2019, and until a few months before I knew very little about the meaning of the word EXPAT, and I had never thought about the possibility that I could become one myself. But as I said in the […]

My first 5 months here in Amsterdam as EXPAT

MY FIRST 5 MONTHS IN AMSTERDAM AS EXPAT   Since we moved here, last Christmas 2019, the question I am asked most often is: so how is live in the Dutch capital? What do you recommend to see when we can travel? Tramonto ad Amsterdam But we are still in the middle of a worldwide […]