I am an Italian photographer in Amsterdam

My name is Veronica and I love to capture stories through my lens.

My life has been a very long journey: it started in a small town in the province of Bergamo, Ciserano, and reached as far as Hong Kong, in China, passing through Milan and Florence. All these steps eventually led me to Amsterdam, where I live today, and where I like to get lost around the canals, in search of moments to freeze with a click.

I have been an Interior designer and Project Manager for luxury brands, such as Gucci and Burberry. In these roles, I experienced the satisfaction of realizing great projects, starting from the initial idea up until the final delivery, and I have refined my taste for beautiful things and for a job well done.

My passion for photography developed over the years, and today it became my job.

I have seen and experienced many places, which lead me to first discover photography. Landscapes, people, moments, sensations: I collect them all on my Instagram page, under the hashtag #mysmallbigworld.

Photographing is a need for me.

And I’m not just saying this.

When I was about to leave Hong Kong, where I lived for over a year, I thought about creating a collection of all the photos I have taken with my partner, in the places we liked most; but in that moment I realized I only had lots of selfies made with my smartphone.

People tend not to think about taking photos of the places they live in. Yet, these places are the ones that best describe who we were, when we lived there. So, before leaving, I decided to take a photo tour of our favorite places in Hong Kong: the result is a collection of beautiful photos to print, a great memory to cherish for the years ahead.

I bet you had, at least once, the same problem: you probably have thought that it would be great to have professional-looking photos of the places you like, with the people you love.

This is where I, your photographer in Amsterdam, come into place.

Whether you live in the city, or you are just visiting, and you want to be photographed in your favorite corners of Amsterdam, I am the right professional for you. I can create for you an ad hoc photo shooting experience, which includes post-production and printing of the images.

My specialization is individual, couple, family and friends’ portraits; in addition, I can take photographs for your personal branding or small business portfolio, and help you build your public image.

If you like my travel photos, I can print them and ship them to your home.

In addition, I am also available for business trips and to take pictures of your special occasion.

Are you interested?