This year, as a gift for Saint Valentine’s day, give a priceless emotion to those you love.

Book a Saint Valentine’s Photo Shoot in Amsterdam with your Partner, for an unforgettable feeling that will remain with you forever. Celebrate your happy moments spent together in this lovely city, Amsterdam.

Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - voucher

This is a timeless gift.

Giving your partner a photoshoot as a gift for Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam opens up many other possible gifts, for the future. 

Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - in your living room

The photos are timeless and:

  • IDEA N.1: You can use the photos for your next calendar or birthday calendar. Now, tomorrow or next year. Whenever you want.
  • IDEA N.2: You can print a photo album, browse when you’re older, always thinking of your moments spent together in Amsterdam.
  • IDEA N.3: You can finally fill that empty wall in your home with your photographs.
Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - photos printed
Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - calendars

For this Valentine’s day in Amsterdam, we’ll define the date, the time and the location (or multiple locations) together with you and your partner, once he will have received the voucher as gift.

In the meantime, think about the meaningful places for you as a couple in Amsterdam, and imagine having some unique photos together.

We can shoot at your favourite spots, leaving you with printable memories.

Photo shooting packages

The packages are customizable, starting from 1.5 hours and 20 retouched photographs, with a change of outfit and they will include a VOUCHER to give as a gift to your partner.

Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - Album

If requested, it’s also possible to organize a customized photo tour with a professional guide, professional makeup or/and a professional stylist.

Tell me what you desire, and I will think about how to best make it happen.

Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - photos printed
Valentine's Day in Amsterdam - album

Are you ready to surprise your partner this year with a unique gift for this Valentine’s Day 2022 in Amsterdam?

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Contact me for more information or to book your customised photo shoot.

With Love, your photographer in Amsterdam Veronica.

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