Welcome to my BLOG #mysmallbigworlD… Finally Online!

Hello and Welcome,

I’m Veronica, born in 1985, Italian, and many know me as #mysmallbigworld on Instagram @veronicasorace.

After months of work, I can finally say it, or rather scream it… I’m ONLINE!

Welcome to my blog #mysmallbigworld. Hong Kong

And you will ask me… was there really a need for another blog?


And here I stop you immediately… it will not be a classic blog and I will not become a blogger tomorrow. I would just like to use my personal space, to tell you UNIQUE stories, sharing with you what they are, will be and why not have already been, the unique experiences, the most beautiful places, the most important events, as if I were suggesting them to / to my best friend.

This is #mysmallbigworld, and that’s why I would like to share it with you, along with the backstages and news as there will be …

Where should I start? 

If you are here you may have already read the introductory parts on the Home and Veronica pages (with links). In fact, after several years as a project manager for a Florentine architecture studio as a consultant for luxury brands such as Gucci and Burberry, I decided to follow my passions and transform them into my current job as photographer & designer, which I love, here in Amsterdam and which already in Hong Kong it had become a second job.

What do I believe in? 


I can summarize what I believe in the following points:

  1. Beauty will save the world – Dostoyesky
  2. With kind ways, you can revolutionize the world – mathma Gandhi
  3. Everyone has their own ONE story to tell
  4. Life is made up of small moments to capture

And I am convinced that in my own way, I can contribute to creating beauty in the world in a gentle way with my photography, seen from my eyes, and my Design.


What can I offer you?

1. Personal Photo Shooting:

designed for those who live in their own city and once realized that they do not have professional photos of themselves, of the couple, with their family and friends, they decide to take a photo session or for those who will be traveling in the city for a weekend or several days, and decides to treat himself to a shooting, an experience, a gift without time.

2. Personal Branding Photo Shooting:

designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses, who need professional photographs for their business to be used on social media, on their website or in any content that requires photographs.

But also… Design projects, of different kinds (and depending on the project I can collaborate with some colleagues).

Here I am, let me introduce myself: I am a photographer and designer. This is my #mysmallbigworld and now I'm finally online

Why Amsterdam after Hong Kong?

It wasn’t planned.

After the temporary experience of Hong Kong we had to return to Florence, to resume our life, our lives there. But it was at that moment that my partner received a job offer from a Dutch company. Together we decided to accept and then to move to the Dutch capital, which we both had already visited, to experience together this new Expat adventure, again, but this time in Europe.

View of a canal in Amsterdam

The truth?

If someone had told me three years ago, that one day I would leave Florence, the city where I lived for 13 years and which I have always loved as everyone knows, to move first to Hong Kong and then to Amsterdam, I would never have believed him and I would have answered with a good big laugh. But now… here I am …

So… NEVER SAY EVER IN LIFE … and if I can give you an advice…



Portrait of My self in Victoria Park - Hong kong 2020

Never postpone what you can do today until tomorrow. Life is one and in the words Enrica Mannari dedicated to a friend @fraintesa, that who recently passed away due to cancer, only 38 years old:

” I beg you. Pay attention to life. Don’t let it pass, as if it weren’t yours. Live it. At the cost of breaking all your bones to really get where you want. Live it. “

That’s all for now… And for any question, I’m here otherwise I’ll talk to you in the next article, where I’ll tell you about these first few months here in Amsterdam!

Have a nice day,
Here you soon.

Best, Veronica

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